LED Neon Flex Plus achieves an ultra high lumens efficacy. LED Neon-Flex Plus’s increased lumens stemmed from the application of high quality, high brightness encapsulated DIP LEDs coupled with an enhanced PVC.....
Neon Flex™ Plus
Mini Neon Flex™ Retail Kits
Our NEW Mini Neon Flex plug & play 3m retail kits are brilliant for domestic or DIY use. Simple and straight forward installation with minimum tools required. A slimmer design, the Mini Neon Flex is ideal for narrower spaces and more detailed finish.
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Neon Flex 3528™
Neon Flex™ Features
Neon Flex is sure to impress with every application and project it is used for. Take a look at our general breakdown of Neon Flex features.
Classic LED Neon Flex is slowly being replaced with Neo Neon's revolutional new technology Neon Flex 3528. Using environmental friendly flat copper FPC and a 100% automated standard production, stabilises the quality significantly...
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Custom Signage
Bars & Nightclubs
Home and DIY
The most versatile linear lighting solution
LED Neon Flex™ is the revolutionary replacement of traditional Glass Neon. Its possible applications are as flexible as the product itself. Neon Flex is made by filling flexible plastic tubes with highly-luminous LED lights.

Neon Flex™ looks better than glass neon - and it opens all the environments where fragile Glass Neon cannot be used. As the name suggests, it is highly flexible. LED Neon Flex™ can be bent to a minimum radius of 4 cm, and can be cut easily to your desired lengths.
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