Mini Neon Flex™ 3528 LED

Mini Neon Flex™ utilises Superior Grade 3528 Ultra Bright LED’s encapsulated in a slim line dual layer PVC sheath to produce a Neon effect LED light. Due to its construction Mini Neon-Flex™ is very flexible and can be used to create stunning visuals and because of how the light is dispersed it allows the product to be seen and not just hidden away.  Mini Neon Flex™ can be cut and rejoined every metre, and due to it being mains power up to 80m can be used from a single power source making it ideal for outlining buildings and large areas where a long consistent light source is required. Available on 50m reels or 3m kits with accessories for mounting, cutting and joining.


• Ultrabight LEDs
• Mini Size
• Highly Flexible
• Unique PVC Single Jacket Design
• Low Heat Output
• Extra Long Life
• Easy Installation
• Low Maintenance Costs
Mini Neon Flex 50m Mini Neon Flex 50m
Mini Neon Flex 3m Retail Pack Mini Neon Flex 3m
Product Applications

Suitable for any application, sign writing, building outlines, feature lighting, bars, clubs, hotels, theatre, display cabinets, architectural and more.

Colour              Warm White       White              Red              Green             Blue            Yellow             

Watts p/m            4.4W              4.4W           2.9W           4.4W           4.4W           2.9W

Cut Length             1m                 1m             1.5m            1m               1m            1.5m

Max Load (m)          80m               80m            120m            80m             80m          120m
Mini Neon Flex™ - 240V

Input Voltage                                           240v
LED Spacing                                           1.67mm
LED Qty per Meter                                         60
Lifespan                                          50,000 Hours+
Operating Temp                                     -20° ~ +50°
IP Rating                                               IP44
Cross Section
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Available in:

50 Meter Reels

3M Retail Packs
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