Intoduction to LED NEON FLEX™

Though glass neon has long been the mainstream of the outdoor linear lighting for decades and while it held a long history, it still held a lot of weaknesses. The weakness of glass neon are well known and include complicated installation, fragile, potential shock hazards, high maintenance cost, high power consumption, and are typically ruined
in severe weather. Manufacturers have been seeking new alternatives but none of them have been able to solve these weaknesses.

At the beginning of this century Neo-Neon, the global leader in modern linear lighting solutions, invested in the research and development of a revolutionary product called LED Neon Flex. Utilizing advanced LED technology and materials processing techniques LED Neon Flex compares to glass Neon visually however LED Neon Flex is not ridged. LED Neon Flex can be cut with standard tools and bent by hand to form. Installation can be completed in minutes instead of hours and most importantly, it gives off no hot spots. LED Neon Flex is waterproof and utilizes standard AC or DC voltages which make the product safer than glass neon. LED Neon Flex is not breakable and is virtually indestructible when installed to manufacturers specifications.

LED Neon Flex began a revolution but Neo-Neon did not stop there. In keeping with our tradition of continually researching and developing the latest technology and processes, Neo-Neon is proud to announce new revolutionary enhancements to the LED Neon Flex Products.

Neo-Neon has incorporated the very latest encapsulated high graded LEDs in a new and unique PVC jacket housing which achieves equal brightness and visual intensity to that of glass neon. Now there is truly a glass neon replacement which is the new and improved LED Neon Flex.

Honorably and justifiably Neo-Neon has been awarded and holds an invention patent in China and holds a portfolio of worldwide patents for the LED Neon Flex.

This invention patent stands to strengthen the promoting and distributing LED Neon Flex by our global partners who continue to share in this products success and profitability.

Leadership and Innovation comes at a cost. Due to the enormity of the success of our invention and our patented product, LED Neon Flex, there has been a surge of non-licensed imitations emerging in the market and infringe on our patents. These unscrupulous copies are of poor quality and are being sold at prices relative to their inferior quality level.

The good news is this did not come as a surprise. Since we have been in this business for 27 years and have unveiled and introduced many innovative products, this cycle has happened in the past. Educated by history Neo-Neon, unbeknownst to most, has been preparing to answer this challenge to protect our customers and the market we have
earned the legal right to. Neo-Neon is now offering two levels of patented LED Neon Flex. These levels are Professional Type and Economical Type.

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