With LED Neon Flex™, the possibilities are endless. It might just be the perfect solution to your lighting dreams! Here are a few key benefits of Neon Flex™
Neo-Neons LED Neon Flex uses a mechanical production method which means no plating, no corrosion, will not produce harmful ultraviolet or infra-red, it does not contain mercury and/or other harmful substances, we are compliance with the ROHS standards and do not use chemical production. It conserves water resources, is energy saving and environmental friendly.
Traditional LED Neon Flex uses a thin copper foil to conduct heat, the radiation area is relatively small, with low thermal efficiency, and often causes the light to overheat, causing light decay and effecting longevity. Neo-Neons LED Neon Flex uses thickened pure copper to strengthen thermal capacity, reducing overheating from the traditional production method by 35%.
Strength of traditional Dip LED with a thin copper foil and conductive fine copper wire. Most of the time bending and stretching were prone to cause failure in the process. Neo-Neon Neon Flex prides its new cable technologies and upgrades to the bulb structure, whereby products become more durable and reliable.

Neo-Neons new LED Neon Flex technology uses advanced large-size SMD LED. The light source is 30% brighter than similar products on the market.  It is mounted on a circuit board covered with the best insulating material polyimide film which have a high heat duration from 269˚C ~280˚C. The new production method and technology ensures our products have good environmental adaptability, greatly increasing light strength and longevity.

Neo-Neons LED Neon Flex has an even distribution of bulbs on the flexible circuit board.  This results in our Neon Flex having higher brightness and more even light.

Neo-Neon’s LED Neon Flex can be cut to the needs of different lengths. It is very easy to install without professional help and can easily be connected up to 100 meters in length. It can also be bent into countless pattern or shapes.

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